**We are currently on intake hold. Please see below for local resources if you have a senior dog in need of rescue.**

At Izzy’s Place Senior Dog Rescue we understand that there are many reasons an owner may no longer be able to adequately care for an elderly dog. It’s never an easy decision and we are not here to judge, we only want to help you do the right thing for the dog by providing a safe space and a smooth transition for them.

Our process may seem complicated, but it is designed to find the most suitable foster home to accommodate the dogs we take in. We will ask you to complete a questionnaire and provide as much information about health history and concerns, previous veterinary care (all vet records will be requested), behavioral issues, etc. We don’t expect any dog to be perfect, no matter how old they are, but honesty regarding these details is extremely important because it helps us place him or her with the right foster family and ultimately the ideal forever home.

Please Note: We require a donation of $50 to process your surrender application. If the dog you are surrendering has any special needs or conditions such as diabetes, seizures, mobility issues, prescriptions, etc. and you are able to donate additional funds towards their care, this helps us tremendously. We can avoid a larger financial obligation than was anticipated or the need for additional fund raising. Please indicate on your forms if this is an option for you.

Also, while we typically only accept dogs that are at least seven years old or more, we occasionally make exceptions for younger pups with special needs or under special circumstances. Please contact us directly before submitting a surrender questionnaire and we will let you know if we can help or direct you to another organization who can.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us. And thank you for considering Izzy’s Place Senior Dog Rescue to help you with this difficult situation. We appreciate your intent to do what is best for your senior, and we are here to help.